We love
creative solutions
with a purpose

We love
creative solutions
with a purpose

We Love
creative solutions
with a purpose

  • SQM UK Celebrates Diet-Coke

    SQM UK Celebrates Diet-Coke’s 30th birthday by bringing the ‘Hunk’ to life at London Fashion Weekend.
  • SQM Coke Xmas 2012

    Following the success of the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour in 2011, Square Melon UK brought the iconic ‘Holidays Are Coming’ truck to life for the

  • Diet Coke Jean-Paul Gaultier Bus

    Square Melon UK planned and executed the JPG Diet-Coke nationwide bus tour taking in major fashion districts and engaging with a fashion conscious

  • Coke Zero Black Carpet Event

    To support the partnership between Coke Zero and James Bond Skyfall, Square Melon UK hosted an exclusive and advanced screening of the new James Bo

  • The Durex Love Guru @ Werchter

    The Durex Love Guru who Square Melon brought all the way from India to Rock Werchter was a huge success.

  • Coca-Cola origami

    The challenge: To generate buzz around Coca-Cola’s new aluminium bottles.

  • LU petit dejeuner

    The challenge: To position Lu Petit Déjeuner as part of a quick and easy breakfast.

  • J&B Gigasuperette

    The challenge: To turn J&B into the no. 1 party whisky and the reference on the nightlife scene.

  • Becel

    To design an information campaign on the importance of Becel to a healthy diet.

  • Skin health center by Vichy

    The challenge: To reinforce the credibility of Vichy’s skincare products.

  • Ambre Solaire

    The challenge: To inform consumers about Ambre Solaire’s extensive product range and stimulate sales.

  • Coca-Cola Nurses

    The challenge: To generate brand love for Coca-Cola amongst 18-24 year olds.

  • J&B disco ball

    The challenge: To launch the international 'Start a Party' campaign and claim the disco ball as an icon for J&B Nightlife.

  • Johnnie Walker Black Label

    The challenge: To entice consumers to discover the richness and complexity of Johnnie Walker Black Label premium blended whisky.

  • Côte d'Or

    The challenge: To draw attention to Côte d'Or’s 125th anniversary and the opening of a Côte d'Or boutique on the Sablon in Brussel

  • Coca-Cola caps

    The challenge: To develop and maintain Coca-Cola consumers’ brand love.

  • J&B Nightology & Unexpectables

    The challenge: To make J&B the number one party whisky and the reference on the nightlife scene.

  • Glacéau vitaminwater

    The Challenge: To set up a distribution channel via wholesalers and specific retail outlets for vitaminwater on the Belgian and Luxembourg market.

  • Mobistar

    The challenge: To deliver and install a high volume of merchandising material at a large number of points of sale at very short no

  • Lego

    The Challenge: To provide a high-quality, flexible merchandising service to support Lego’s fixed merchandisers during peak periods

  • Mass Retail Merchandising

    The Challenge: To offer a flexible merchandising service in a mass-retail environment, specialised in every facet of merchandising

  • Year End Seminar Philip Morris

    The challenge: Such as occurs each year, Philip Morris sought an exclusive new location for the closing party of their Year End Se

  • Janssen Pharmaceuticals

    The challenge: Organizing a company party for the enthusiastic employees and their partner of the outstanding Janssen Pharmaceutic

  • Lyreco

    The challenge: Organizing a convention/event for the Lyreco Senior Management Team and 350 sales forces from the entire Benelux ‘a

  • Familyday Cronos

    The challenge: Make the Cronos Feast of Saint Nicholas an unforgettable experience.

  • Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

    The challenge: Everyone knows that Ben & Jerry is not just another ice-cream brand.

  • Nutella & Minute Maid

    The challenge: Increase the In 2009 Nutella teamed up with Minute Maid to create a major Fusion Marketing campaign.

  • The Stimorol Refreshables

    The challenge: To create awareness for and boost sales of Stimorol.

  • Veet Promotour

    Om het nieuwe product van Veet, de Easy Wax Roll-on te promoten, hebben we gebruik gemaakt van social media om het epileer apparaat bekend te maken

  • Website Durex.be

    Le défi: Durex voulait un tout nouveau visage pour son site en Belgique.

  • Coke Zero

    Check out our Coke Zero team in Nottingham!

  • Diet Coke

    Get Glam With Diet Coke!

  • Coca-Cola Christmas

    Coca-Cola Christmas 2011 came alive with the Nationwide ‘Holidays are Coming’ Truck Campaign.

  • Coca-Cola Summer

    The challenge: Design a summer and festival campaign that goes beyond the Coke Nurses.

  • Zoo / Planckendael

    The challenge: Bring the Antwerp and Planckendael Zoo in the spotlights.

  • De Betweters

    The challenge: Unibet brings with its web-TV format an amusing and entertaining view on the first league football in Belgium.

  • ING Summer

    The challenge: How do you get festival goers to promote your brand for you?

  • The Burn Master

    The challenge: Create buzz and awareness amongst trendsetters that Burn has been launched.

  • Google

    The Challenge: How to increase the number of small to medium sized business that actively promote their business online, using th

  • Coca-Cola Xmas

    The challenge: Increase penetration of Coca-Cola in households.

  • 25 years Coca-Cola light

    The Challenge: Coke light turned ‘25’, which obviously is a reason to celebrate!

  • Quick 40 years

    The challenge: Celebrate the 40 years of Quick in Belgium

  • De Gouden Gids

    The challenge: Create an integrated campaign to show usefullness of the Gouden Gids and increase awareness amongst youth.

  • Coca-Cola Foot Xperience

    The challenge: To promote the fact that Coca-Cola is actively encouraging young people to sport.

  • Glacéau vitaminwater

    The challenge: Create buzz and awareness amongst trendsetters that vitaminwater has arrived.

  • Coca-Cola light Fashion Flight

    The challenge: Increase favorite brand and repurchase rates by creating an integrated campaign linking Coke light to its main targ

  • Put your business online

    The Challenge : How to increase the number of small to medium sized business that actively promote their business online, using the Google tools.